Post-Abortive Support

Abortion is a medical procedure, and because of that, it is often thought of or talked about in a strictly medical way. Because of this, there are some potential emotional side effects of an abortion that often go ignored. We at Starkville Pregnancy Care Center recognize the authenticity of these feelings and we are committed to help those affected by abortion to experience freedom from them.

What are the potential emotional side effects of abortion?

Men and women alike are susceptible to the emotional side effects of abortion. Depending on the person, side effects can range from mild to severe regret to anger, guilt, shame, and even cause physical effects like eating disorders, depression and anxiety. At Starkville Pregnancy Care Center, we know your mental health is just as important as your physical health. There can be healing from the emotions you’re experiencing.

What is Post-Abortive Support?

While a number of women report feeling relief immediately following an abortion, many feel unprepared for the negative emotional side effects it can lead to later on. Women who have experienced abortion who are going through these emotions may feel as though they cannot talk about it for fear of being judged or misunderstood. At Starkville Pregnancy Care Center, we offer a program where you will be listened to, loved, and offered a place to heal. That is what Post-Abortive Support is all about.

How does it work?

If you have had an abortion or have been otherwise affected by one, we are here as a resource for you. Our Post-Abortive Support program is completely free of charge and held in strict confidentiality. Our trained Facilitators have experienced forgiveness and healing from abortion themselves and they would be honored to help you through this process.

Contact Starkville Pregnancy Care Center today for more information about the Post-Abortive Support program and how you can get involved.